dinsdag 15 september 2009

The Wire 2.12 - Port in a Storm

Méér dan een storm in een glas water, alle rekeningen worden vereffend in de haven, met confronterende resultaten als gevolg.
"The detail has a setback. Russell and Bunk revisit Philly, looking for evidence. Brother Mouzone talks with Stringer Bell regarding their agreement, leaving Bell to contend with Avon Barksdale. McNulty and Greggs return to the Westside, where they discover new connections. Herc and Carver feel disrespected by fellow officers. Nick tries to come to terms with the Greeks, and himself."
Niet mijn favoriete seizoen, misschien toch best kiezen voor het grote scherm zonder afleiding? Pessimisme troef in de slotopmerking: "There is no changing any of this. No matter how clever or well-meaning the cops might be, there will always be men like The Greek ready to exploit human weakness. There will always be people looking to buy and sell guns, and drugs, and even human beings. There will always be little guys left behind by progress. There will always be toughs and gangsters and soldiers, and there will always be a new case for people like Lester and Bunk to move on to, no matter how hard that is to process for someone as relatively un-jaded as Beadie Russell."
The Wire. Seizoen 2. Aflevering 12. Port in a Storm. 2003.

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