zondag 29 november 2009

The Wire 3.5 - Straight and True

Terwijl ze net het geweld in de straten willen inperken, laait alles terug op. Omar die vuurtje komt stoken samen met de heethoofdige Marlo versus Stringer wiens belletje gaat rinkelen eens Barksdale vrij.
"Johnny pressures Bubbles to stop snitching for the detail. Cutty lies to his grandmother about going straight. McNulty realizes pursuing Barksdale and Bell is a loosing cause, so he turns his attention to nailing Kintel Williamson. Colvin's free drug dealing zone, now known in the streets as Hamsterdam, scores a small victory. Avon Barksdale emerges from prison to a warm welcome from Stringer Bell."
The Wire. Seizoen 3. Aflevering 5. Straight and True. 2004.

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