donderdag 25 november 2010

The Wire 4.10 - Misgivings

Hercs rol was sowieso al niet erg sympathiek. Onderkruiper Bubbles neemt wraak. Dominic West komt eindelijk terug in beeld, al is het maar om de boel weer recht te trekken met een arrestatie en echt speurderswerk.
"Burrell's new mandate for quality of life arrests is met with civil disobedience and political maneuvering. Chris takes care of Michael's problem. Marlo has a member of Bodie's crew killed after he is interviewed by Herc and orders word spread about Randy for the same reason. Carver arrests Namond and he reaches out to Colvin for help. After another beating, Bubbles gets revenge for Herc's continual betrayals by setting him up to arrest a minister. The teachers are pressured to teach test material despite their recent successes."
Idealisme tegenover desillusies. "World goin' one way, people another." Getekend: Poot!
The Wire. Seizoen 4. Aflevering 10. Misgivings. 2006.

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